Open Channels : new elektrogrooves 2013

87-openchannelsA guest DJ set from our friend DJ Playaduster, courtesy of Destination Burning Man — a user-friendly survey of the best electronic music cuts of 2013, including house, nu disco, sacred bass, ambient, electrofunk, dub and a good dose of whomp!

Track list:
DJ Koze "Amygdala" (ft. Milosh)
Wolf + Lamb "Real Love"
Scuba "Hardbody"
Claude VonStroke "TurboStepper"
Herbaliser "Welcome to Extravagance"
Emancipator "Valhalla"
The Polish Ambassador "Live Inside a Dream"
Bonobo North Border tryptich
Pantha Du Prince "Quantum / Photon"
Little People "M.N.O.P.Q."
James Blake "Voyeur"
The xx "Sunset" (Jamie xx remix)
Russ Liquid "Zappa Darling"
Thriftworks "Housesitter"
Nosaj Thing "Eclipse/Blue"
Kalya Scintilla "Open Channel"
Kaminanda "Optimal Trajecstasy"
Sugarpill "Space Foray"
Andreilien "Tafoni"
jOBOT "Be You Auto"
jOBOT & ChrisB "Sevens on the Out"
The xx "Together"

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What the Mixtape?! (Side Two)

Cross-posted from our sister site Destination Burning Man — an intriguing and delicious mix of EDM from DJ Playaduster originally posted 8/12/12!

Greetings friends near and far, met and unmet, DJ Playaduster here representing Destination Burning Man with Side Two of What the Mixtape?!

Get yourself ready for a hour long mix of electronic music based on DJs and producers who played at
What the Festival?! in Oregon the last weekend of July 2012. This was the best festival my PNW Get Found crew and I have ever experienced off the playa and the rush of inspiration we felt in the White River canyon has carried over in to this 2 side music mix tape project. From the environment to the art to the people to the lighting to the vibes to the splash pool and ESPECIALLY to the expertly curated schedule of to-notch DJs, the organizers did it right. We can't thank them enough for all the special touches, large and small.

We're going to explore some of the more experimental bass frequencies that What the Festival offered, including Sepalcure, Scuba and Sinjin Hawke, taste some acid crunk from Low Ryderz, get soothed with a long set from Emancipator and dabble in some forward-leaning low-end wavelengths from Gladkill, Bluetech, PhuturePrimitive and Sugarpill.

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You can find Side One here.

20 days until the Man burns!
Love, DJ Playaduster

Photo by Daniel ZetterstromMore...

What the Mixtape?! (Side One)

Cross-posted from our sister site Destination Burning Man — an intriguing and delicious mix of EDM from DJ Playaduster originally posted 8/3/12!

We're just back from the first-ever
What the Festival?! in the White River Canyon of Oregon and are so incredibly inspired by what went down there: an eclectic roster of top-shelf DJ talent dropping their jams through Function One soundsystems, the gorgeous landscape accentuated by art and light installations, lots of chill spaces full of kind and creative people, good food, minimal security and hilarious pool parties during the heat of the day – we can’t say enough good things about this gathering and the team that put it on. Big ups to the Zanzibar crew for pulling this off so flawlessly, and to my own Get Found family for representing the love.

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Side one of What the Mixxtape?! features some of the artists I saw and danced my ass off to, with a focus on the glitch-hop, dubstep, acid crunk, whomp and other soundz from the heavier end of the Bass Chakra spectrum, including Bonobo, Beats Antique, GRiZ, Gladkill, Ana Sia, MartyParty, Sugarpill, EPROM and Paper Diamond. Next week I’ll put out Side 2 with sounds trending house, ambient, experimental and sacred bass.

With 29 days until the Man burns, fevered excitement is in the air. I hope this What the Mixxtape?!, along with other recent episodes like
Desert Dreamers and Shimmer, provide you the ultimate soundtrack for your playa preparations.

DJ Playaduster
Photo by Kyer Wiltshire


Chiron Transmission 1 : Golgotha

Greetings from the friendly Burners here at Destination Burning Man, and welcome to the latest mix from DJ Playaduster: "Chiron Transmissions 1 : Golgotha." Much of this podcast is shrouded in mystery and codes, but it appears to be a missive sent from the outer fringes of our solar system, a musical message that originates from the proto-comet Chiron.
Discovered in 1977 in its eccentric orbit between Saturn and Uranus, Chiron is known in some circles as the "Rainbow Bridge" or "Wounded Healer," a humble, benevolent guide that can assist humans by keeping us moving forward on our proper spiritual paths. In early February 2011, Chiron entered the watery realm of Pisces, activating the pure power of potential, the manifestation of the unconscious and transformative healing through (re)union with the divine.
The frequencies found in this podcast are believed to have originated from Chiron, with DJ Playaduster serving as a musical midwife in order that they be perceived by the human ear and widely disseminated through our dBM channels.
Contributing artists include Bill Laswell, Rena Jones, Phaelah, Tipper, Heyoka, James Blake, Boards of Canada, Aphex Twin, DJ/rupture, Kim Hiorthoy, Ezekiel Honig, Yo-Yo Ma, Shackleton, PantyRaid and Thriftworks, with vocal musings from Joni Mitchell, Timothy Leary, Hekter McElliott, Pema Chodron and the Tangerines.

We're still puzzling over this one. Let us know how it hits you and what you perceive at or

Chiron Transmission 1 : Golgotha by moontrolling

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Sliding Down Rainbows : Favorite Electrojams of 2010

Here's a musical mix fresh from the astral plane that explores some of our favorite electrojams of the past year. The sounds come from whomp, hip-hop, funk, glitch, freakbeat and other undeclared genres. DJs Playaduster & Fundi provide the amorphous soundtrack to the journey...

Bonobo * Jneiro Janel * Flying Lotus * The Great Mundane * Eskmo * Tipper * The Roots * Sufjan Stevens * Nosaj Thing * Boreta * Fever Ray * R/d * Ratatat * Missy Elliott * Big Boi * Mimosa * Erykah Badu * Thriftworks * The xx * Dubtronix * Cee-Lo * Kid Cudi * Pretty Lights * Bassnectar * Zero 7

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Joyism : Got Found? (Part 1) FIXED

While DJ Fundi is out on sabbatical, we asked our comrades over at to share a mix with our listeners that would feed the ears, tantalize the mind and lift the spirits. DJ Playaduster sent this mix over. We think it will work on all accounts. Enjoy! -- The Podcast Cafe

"There is a house built out of stone
Wooden floors, walls and window sills...
Tables and chairs worn by all of the dust..
This is a place where I don't feel alone
This is a place where I feel at home.......

Cause, I built a home
for you
for me

Until it disappeared
from me
from you

And now, it's time to leave and turn to dust…….."

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The Cinematic Orchestra open up this musical mix with a beautiful and emotive song that speaks to me in these days and weeks after Burning Man 2010 : "To Build a Home." It has multiple layers of meanings for me and stirs me in places deep down inside.

Sade provides the second track in the "opening statement" of the podcast, livening up the mood with another song that is rich with meaning for me these days. I heard a DJ slyly drop in to a dance party on the playa, and I sang along to the chorus with all the lovely people on the dancefloor at the top of our lungs, "I've been torn up inside (oh!) / I've been left behind (oh!) / So I ride / I have the will to survive. I'm a soldier of love / all the days of my live..."

With those 2 opening salvos behind us, the mix moves in to the first movement... (more after the jumo)

Bass Chakra Therapy * The Wobble Chronicles Vol. 1

Editor's note: This podcast is a special rebroadcast from DJ Playaduster and our friends over at It features music not normally heard here at the Podcast Cafe -- parlez vous de Whomp? -- and we're pretty sure you're gonna dig it!

Beats Antique
Nosaj Thing

This mix is an overview of the electronik sounds I am currently filling my head with, including several DJs I learned about for the first time at Burning Man 2009. Heavy San Francisco emphasis here, naturally, as that is where my favorite grooves are coming from these days. Special guests include Maketa, Scotty G. and Suga Cubed, recorded both in Black Rock City and on the road to home post-Burn, decompressing and reorienting from the Best Burn Ever. This is one of my favorite mixes I've ever spun out -- I really dig the flow between tracks and between sections and the sacred womp of the bass is cleansing to my soul. Hope you dig it too.

xo, DJ Playaduster

Bass Chakra Therapy : The Wobble Chronicles Vol. 1  by  moontrolling

The Glogg Chronicles : 2008 in Review

A sound-smoothie made from my most favorite sound-nutrients of the past year; favorite artists, dopest tracks, weirdest records: all blended up just for you! Starts off pretty mellow, but by the time Bassnectar winds up his clock, things start pumpin' pretty damn hard, with funky flourishes to end on...

Featuring Flying Lotus, Erykah Badu, Gnarls Barkley, Al Green, Bob Dylan, Cat Power, Fleet Foxes, Q-Tip, The Roots, Jamie Lidell, Stephen Malkmus, The B-52's, Beats Antique & Bassnectar, Dust + Blackdown, DJ/rupture, Bon Iver, Esau Mwamwaya & Radioclit, DJ Scruff, Ani Difranco, Amadou & Mariam, K'naan, Nina Simone, Thievery Corporation & Quantic, y'all. Dig it correct!

Love, DJ Fundi

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