Sacred Bass Sessions Vol. 1 : Beyond the Dream Dome (for Sabbahji)


Mixed by Kaya Rainface at the Purple Palace, November 2013

The Podcast Cafe is excited to introduce The Sacred Bass Sessions, a new series of intentional gatherings in Bellingham / Cascadia. Produced in partnership with Boogie Universal and Destination Burning Man, these sessions are envisioned to be a series of transformational events based around electronic music, community engagement and freedom of expression.

This musical mix by
dBM's Kaya Rainface is a soundtrack for our vision of Sacred Bass Sessions, like a mission statement, as well as a map to the subconscious nooks and crannies of your mind. It features music from the West Coast's finest DJs, producers and sound shamans, artists we either have already booked to play an upcoming SBS or are actively pursuing. The low-end mystical flow is deeply inspired by Rainface's time spent in the DreamDome at Photosynthesis 6 this past summer.

Just before releasing this mix, we synthesized a spur-of-the-moment tribute to Cheb i Sabbah at the conclusion of the audio journey, in honor of his passing on November 7. As we listened to this mix that evening, we could clearly hear Sabbahji's influence in every track, his musical legacy informing the current crop of Sacred Bass DJs who carry forward his global-galactic grooves for the next leg of the journey.

track list // itom lab "Galactic Mantra" + The Bells of Sh'ang Sh'ung / Subaqueous "Invoking (eO remix) > In Spire > Cryptic (Michael Manahan remix) / Osiris "Immersion > Soul Diver" / Drumspyder "Caduceus" / itom lab "Brahmin" / Plantrae "Primary Decomposers" / GUDA "Riparian Toadschool" / eO "Lilt" / Kyrstyn Pixton "Dolphin's Pipe" / Cheb i Sabbah "Durga Puja" (Rainface Redub) / eO "Sussurus" / Bass Chakra Therapy outro //

dedicated to the memory of
Cheb i Sabbah


Photosynthesis : Into the Dream Dome


dBMcast#129: Photosynthesis : Into the Dream Dome
Mixed by Kaya Rainface, August 2013

Cross-posted from our sister site Destination Burning Man!
Here's some Jedi Goddess Ninja Healer Mermaid Wizard music, inspired by the Photosynthesis Festival held at Hobuck Beach in the far northwestern corner of Washington State July 19-21, 2013 and mixed up by Kaya Rainface for Destination Burning Man. This set evokes the sacred bass celebrations held in the Dream Dome, tapping in to dream states, dream flights, subconscious massages & third eye galaktivations, a space where fantasies morph in to altered realities….let this musical sacrament take you to the places where you access your subliminal sides & express your secret powers!

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Jon Hopkins "Sun Harmonics"
Subaqueous "Invoking"
Kaminanda "Liquid Sunrise"
Plantrae "Taiga Bloom"
Drumpyder remixes "Shiva Ntaraj > Bodhi Mandala" (Desert Dwellers)
Aligning Minds "In the Wake of Forever"
Osiris "Immersion > Sole Diver"
Kalpatura Tree "Naked Soul Dub"
Kalya Scintilla "From Day to Night and Back Again"
Elephant Revival "The Raven Song"
Russ Liquid "New Beginnings"

Photosynthesis began with a ritual. An elder from the Makah tribe—we were holding our gathering on their tribal lands, at their invitation—said prayers in his native tongue and then blessed the ground we would dance upon all weekend by sprinkling white puffs of eagle down from his medicine bag. It was an offering that galaktivated the Dream Dome. The line-up of DJs—combined with the visionary artists, VJs, tea servers, dancers and many wild, organic shrines—created a deep vibe that persisted over three long nights of ritual and dancing. The swollen moon waxed in the heavens above, ravens and eagles flew overhead and the hypnotic roar of the Pacific Ocean backdropped everything.

Plantrae playing violin and dropping botanical beats in the Dream Dome

In this mix, Jon Hopkins gives the opening invocation with "Sun Harmonics," appropriate for Photosynthesizers beneath a grey blanket of sea fog and salty mist. The rest of the artists contribute to the musical journey in more or less the order they performed in the Dream Dome over the weekend: amazing contributions from (mostly) West Coast/Pacific Northwest producers Subaqueous, Kaminanda, Plantrae, Drumspyder, Aligning Minds, Osiris, Kalpatura Tree and Kalya Scintilla. Elephant Revival shares a closing prayer with "Raven Song" and, as we drift off from the Dream Dome at dawn, the sounds of Russ Liquid coming from the Mandala Dome carry us home to our tents in the trees….

I should note that Hopkins and Elephant Revival did not play at Photosynthesis, but their opening and closing mantras to the mix are in alignment with the Dream Dome vibe and we're happy to have them!

Visionary art in the Dream Dome

The vocals are Makah elders speaking in their indigenous language, including a whaling chant. They are incorporated in Kaya Rainface's mix in the spirit of respect for their culture and gratitude for letting us gather to dance, celebrate, commune and heal on their ancestral land. You'll also hear elements of the land: waves crashing, birds calling, winds blowing…it was an overcast and somewhat chilly weekend, though we were spared rain, and the chill brought us closer together around campfires.

Kalya Scintilla closes the weekend ritual Sunday night in the Dream Dome

Gratitude. We are grateful to the DJs, artists, dancers, temple builders and festival organizers. See you back at Hobuck next year!


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Kindred Spirit Funk Beacon

Cross-posted from our sister site Destination Burning Man!
Mixed by DJ Playaduster & DJ Fundi, October-November 2012

Is there life after whomp? Or, as this mix sets out to explore, life before whomp? To find out, DJs Playaduster and Fundi (from our sister site The Podcast Cafe) dug deep to create this "old-school" (not that old!) outing of jazz-funk, electrobeats, triphop, turntablism, soul and downtempo grooves. It features classic tracks from well-loved musicians and DJs including Mr. Scruff, Bonobo, St. Germain, Quantic, DJ Logic, Q-Tip, Thievery Corporation, Boozoo Bajou, Monta at Odds, Medeski Martin & Wood, Jurassic 5, Jamie Woon, Jon Kennedy and Zero 7. Dig it!


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Sliding Down Rainbows : Favorite Electrojams of 2010

Here's a musical mix fresh from the astral plane that explores some of our favorite electrojams of the past year. The sounds come from whomp, hip-hop, funk, glitch, freakbeat and other undeclared genres. DJs Playaduster & Fundi provide the amorphous soundtrack to the journey...

Bonobo * Jneiro Janel * Flying Lotus * The Great Mundane * Eskmo * Tipper * The Roots * Sufjan Stevens * Nosaj Thing * Boreta * Fever Ray * R/d * Ratatat * Missy Elliott * Big Boi * Mimosa * Erykah Badu * Thriftworks * The xx * Dubtronix * Cee-Lo * Kid Cudi * Pretty Lights * Bassnectar * Zero 7

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LOVENESS : Got Found? (Part 2)

We're back on the playa and it's late in the week -- things are moving in synchronicity through deep cosmic channels, new friends have been made, sleep is an afterthought, everything is irreversibly dusty and you love it all. The music you hear throughout the city at night is vibrating through your bass chakras and you don't know where the DJ ends and you begin anymore. In this interpretation, Beats Antique, R/D, Pretty Lights, Kid Kudi and others represent this disorienting but beautiful freakbeat madness.

If you've met a special someone during the week, things may be getting impossibly romantic as the week nears its crescendo. This mix reflects that by veering in to a Tanjalove-inspired pocket of funk and soul healing, grooves that both reflect and enhance the love that is filling your heart to overflowing: "Erotic City", "Take My Heart (You Can Have It)", "Simply Beautiful", "Love to Love You Baby", "You Make Me Smile" and "Sexual Healing." Heavy stuff, for sure, but that's how it is.

On Saturday, the Man falls right around the time that your last bit of protective armor, fear & sadness fall away, and you give in to full
Loveness. A mobile soundsystem, crowned with a glowing, beating heart, plays "Love is in the Air" at the exact moment as the sun rises over the eastern horizon on Sunday morning. Bliss reigns, friends swirl, mimosas bubble, hearts swell and you dissolve in to sunlight with your dusty Beloved in your arms.

Sunday night the Temple is set ablaze and there is
culmination. Sade returns with another take on "Soldier of Love" to show you how far you and your wounded heart have traveled through the week; The Cinematic Orchestra reprises your theme song, "To Build a Home"; Bassnectar & Nelly Furtado conclude the entire affair with a wise reminder: "And I say follow me, follow me, follow me / Down, down, down, down / 'Til you see all my dreams / Not everything in this magical world / is quite what it seems."

Namaste, and thanks for listening. Yours in
LOVENESS, DJ Playaduster

Loveness : Got Found? Part 2 by moontrolling

Beats Antique "Prelude/Ms. Levine/Revival"
R/D "Face of God"
Pretty Lights "High School Art Class"
Big Boi "Tangerine"
Kid Cudi "Day 'n Night" (Crookers Remix)
Splatinum "It's Bigger Than Glitch Hop"
Flying Lotus "Roberta Flack" (Heartbeat Remix)
"Michael & Justin's Erotic Adventure"
Prince "Erotic City"
Bill Withers "Heartbreak Road"
Al Green "Simply Beautiful" (Lenton Remix)
Kool & the the Gang "Take My Heart"
Aloe Blacc "Make Me Smile"
John Paul Young "Love is in the Air"
Hot 8 Brass "Sexual Healing"
Sade "Soldier of Love"
Edward Sharpe & the Magnetic Zeros "Home" (RAC Remix)
Get Found field recording
The Cinematic Orchestra "That Home
Nelly Furtado "Magical World" (Bassnectar Remix)

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Part one -- JOYISM -- is here.

Joyism : Got Found? (Part 1) FIXED

While DJ Fundi is out on sabbatical, we asked our comrades over at to share a mix with our listeners that would feed the ears, tantalize the mind and lift the spirits. DJ Playaduster sent this mix over. We think it will work on all accounts. Enjoy! -- The Podcast Cafe

"There is a house built out of stone
Wooden floors, walls and window sills...
Tables and chairs worn by all of the dust..
This is a place where I don't feel alone
This is a place where I feel at home.......

Cause, I built a home
for you
for me

Until it disappeared
from me
from you

And now, it's time to leave and turn to dust…….."

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The Cinematic Orchestra open up this musical mix with a beautiful and emotive song that speaks to me in these days and weeks after Burning Man 2010 : "To Build a Home." It has multiple layers of meanings for me and stirs me in places deep down inside.

Sade provides the second track in the "opening statement" of the podcast, livening up the mood with another song that is rich with meaning for me these days. I heard a DJ slyly drop in to a dance party on the playa, and I sang along to the chorus with all the lovely people on the dancefloor at the top of our lungs, "I've been torn up inside (oh!) / I've been left behind (oh!) / So I ride / I have the will to survive. I'm a soldier of love / all the days of my live..."

With those 2 opening salvos behind us, the mix moves in to the first movement... (more after the jumo)

Bass Chakra Therapy * The Wobble Chronicles Vol. 1

Editor's note: This podcast is a special rebroadcast from DJ Playaduster and our friends over at It features music not normally heard here at the Podcast Cafe -- parlez vous de Whomp? -- and we're pretty sure you're gonna dig it!

Beats Antique
Nosaj Thing

This mix is an overview of the electronik sounds I am currently filling my head with, including several DJs I learned about for the first time at Burning Man 2009. Heavy San Francisco emphasis here, naturally, as that is where my favorite grooves are coming from these days. Special guests include Maketa, Scotty G. and Suga Cubed, recorded both in Black Rock City and on the road to home post-Burn, decompressing and reorienting from the Best Burn Ever. This is one of my favorite mixes I've ever spun out -- I really dig the flow between tracks and between sections and the sacred womp of the bass is cleansing to my soul. Hope you dig it too.

xo, DJ Playaduster

Bass Chakra Therapy : The Wobble Chronicles Vol. 1  by  moontrolling

EVOLUTION: Burning Man 2009

Good friends over at our sister site sent this video to us and we thought fans of the Podcast Cafe would appreciate it, so we're passing it along. Enjoy and don't mind the dust! ~DJ Fundi

* * * * * * * * *

Now it is time to launch a video project I humbly offer up: "EVOLUTION: Burning Man 2009".. At just under a half-hour in length, this video seeks to celebrate Black Rock City in all of its ephemeral glory as well as commemorate the once-in-a-lifetime quickening of people that came together organically to form Camp Get Found at 3:30 & Lineage. This production utilized the photos and videos of many friends, as well as borrowed footage from Ben Wiggins, Mr. Nightshade and John Chavez. The soundtrack features Random Rab, Welder, ill.Gates, Ezekiel Honig, Nosaj Thing and Shpongle.

Download this and many other playalicious videos by subscribing to
Destination Burning Man or by visiting

love, DJ Playaduster

Evolutionary Psychejuju

This here podcast is a special rebroadcast from our sister site,
Destination Burning Man. I'm reposting it because I know that Podcast Cafe listeners will enjoy these spicy sounds. Here's the original description of what is going on here:

40-some days until the 2009 Burn, y'all. Hhere's a mix from Radio DBM that is full of serious world-beat psychejuju to keep your preparations for the playa moving along on the good foot.

I was meditating on evolution while spinning out this set, particularly how species develop at different paces in different places around the planet. I love how one bird species, for example, will look and behave totally different from continent to continent, morphing form and behavior to match the physical ecosystem. But I also appreciate how all of life shares a common foundation, animated by the mysterious cosmic spark.

How does any of this apply to "Evolutionary Psychejuju"? Music is both universal as well as totally local. It begins with the heartbeat, and evolves in to a groove, a language every human can understand. I love how indigenous music is fitted to a particular place -- how the heat and aridity of Mali, the rhythm of the waves in Jamaica, the humid fecundity of Columbia have each inspired their own musical traditions. And I also love the ways in which some artists combine and blend those traditions in new and surprising ways. Musical evolution on a global scale. That's some of the thinking going on behind the scenes here at Radio dBM in the production of this here mix.

xo, DJ Playaduster

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REINTEGRATION (keep burnin')

How to keep the flame alit? How to burn all year? How to reintegrate the lessons and the love in to the Default World?

These are the questions the Four Broke Dudes confronted as they stepped back in to their former lives in the Northwest. "REINTEGRATION" is the final installment in DJ Playaduster's Green Man Trilogy. It follows on the heels of "REORIENTATION" and "DISORIENTATION", both of which can be found at our sister site,

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REORIENTATION (Hyper Primbly's Marsupial Thumbdrive)

DJ Playaduster's Green Man Trilogy, which began with "DISORIENTATION," leaves the dusty playa and begins the difficult efforts to reenter the Default World in this second installment, "REORIENTATION." You may as well just call it "Hyper Primbly's marsupial thumbdrive," if you know what I mean.

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soundscapes, moods and spiritual vortexes created with Burning Man 2007 present in soul, body & mind...

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Burnal Equinox set II : "pure power of potential & possibility"

This is the second set of the Burnal Equinox sessions recorded at Sunnyland Studios in March 2007. This set was mixed by yours truly at Cottage Groove Studios, the home of Edubious Productions. This episode was flavor sealed to keep the wonderful mix of musical flavors created by DJ Playaduster and I preserved in the final mix...

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Burnal Equinox set I : "it's all about the burn now"

This special podcast episode reunites DJ Fundi and DJ Edubious for the groundbreaking of a brand new creative intiative: Destination Burning Man. For the next 6 months, DJ Fundi (in his guise as desertmixer DJ Playaduster), DJ Edubious and the Playa Prophet are focusing their creative efforts towards Burning Man 2007: The Green Man...

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Tales of Johnny Buckskin : episode 1 : A Man of the Nooksack

The Tales of Johnny Bucksin begin, appropriately enough, with a blast of warped dub and disorientating babble as the three seekers enter the upper reaches of the Nooksack...

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Tales of Johnny Buckskin : episode 2 : From Whitehorn to Nooksack

The Tales of Johnny Buckskin continue in episode two and they are full of kinetic motion and diverse strains of cosmic funksmanship...

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