Winter Solstice 2009 Retrospective

Our annual look back at the year in music, spinning tunes that have inspired, perplexed, soothed, challenged and/or forced us to shake our booty and reprogram our bass chakra protocols. DJ Fundi is joined here and there by his compadre/alter ego DJ Playaduster -- you'll know when Playaduster takes over the decks. Because 2009 was such a strong year for music making -- is there more good music then ever before, or simply more ease of access via the interwebs and iTunes? -- this session clocks in just shy of 2 hours, so you best get yerself comfortable with a warm winter beverage in hand.

"Winter Solstice 2009 Retrospective" includes selections by The xx, Andrew Bird, Beirut, Phoenix, Neko Case, Built to Spill, Dirty Projectors, Bon Iver, Fever Ray, Heyoka, Bassnectar, ill.gates, Welder, The Mountain Goats, Iron & Wine, Grizzly Bear, Cymbals Eat Guitars, Yim Yames, The Avett Brothers, Joker, DJ Rupture, Zero 7, M. Ward, Tinariwen, Nirvana and Andras Schiff paying Bach. You can read my full list of Top 10 albums, honorable mentions and biggest disappointments on
the Fundiblog.

The Dirty Projectors


Fever Ray

The Cave Singers


What music most inspired you in 2009? Anything I missed? Feedback and tips left in comments are much appreciated!

Here's to new musical frontiers in 2010~