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Our original podcast channel, where DJ Fundi serves up "digital mix tapes" of funk, jazz, world beat, acoustica, space music, jamband, electronica and other savory flavors collected & distilled from around the galaxy. With more than 95 episodes served up since 2006, this channel is our most popular, affordable and aurally-satisfying offering.

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This is the channel for everything that doesn't fit anywhere else. From interviews to spoken word, guest DJ sets to field recordings, found sounds to backporch jam sessions, Radio Free Fundi is sure to surprise you each time we set free a new episode. Tune in for stuff you won't find anywhere else on the internets.

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DJ Fundi has been collecting bootleg recordings of live concerts for over two decades, trading cassette tapes, downloading torrents, sometimes even taping show himself. This channel provides him with a space to open up his archive and share the musical manna. 'Cuz live music is the best music.

Popular Genres: Acoustica * Funky Stuff * New Music Blends * Grateful * Electronica * Gary Snyder * Widespread Panic * Michael Jackson Tributes * Jackson Hole 96.9 KMTN DJ sessions * Prince Tributes *

Recent Funidlicious Highlights :
Bon Iver Tribute Mix * Summer Solstice 2014 New Music Blend * Favorite Music of 2013 Parts 1 & 2 * Autumnal Equinox III * Widespread Panic + Dirty Dozen Brass Band, Vegas July 2013 * Sacred Bass Sessions * Grateful Dead Spring 1990 Highlights Parts 1 & 2 and Spring 1977 highlights Part 1 * Edward Abbey's "Freedom & Wilderness" * New Orleans-inspired Roots Blend * Kindred Spirits Funk Beacon dance party soundtrack * Harvest Moon acoustic flavors * Jack Kerouac's "Blues & Haikus" spoken word * Radiohead 4/14/12 Coachella * Fleet Foxes live shows * * *

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